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Healing methods to balance our emotions and heal our health

Emotions are often taken into consideration last when addressing our health. Symptoms of an illness can be the external expression of an imbalanced emotional state, along with other factors that make up our whole being. Past traumatic emotional issues can contribute to many health concerns, which can include food intolerances and can lead to autoimmune disorders and cancer. When I personally go through a traumatic emotional experience, my health suffers. I have learned to make emotional balance a priority, while continuing my other health practices. When I shift my emotional state, I heal my health.


When my abandonment issues are triggered or the safety of a close relationship is threatened, I am strong mentally, but something happens to my health that slips out of my control from a conscious level. The emotional stress triggers an outpouring of histamine to assist my immune system. I have learned how to calm this histamine response with a whole mind, body and spirit approach. All aspects have to be addressed to see a complete turn-around in health. I have also learned the science behind it all and I am going to share all that I know with you, so you too, can heal. The first step is to understand how past trauma can have a direct effect on our health. We all have past trauma, but some people definitely more than others. When we allow ourselves to do the uncomfortable work of digging deep to address the emotional aspect, we can understand the impact that it is having on our health.


When every aspect of health is considered, including our emotions, there is a better chance to completely heal. I am focused on bringing awareness to heal health concerns through shifting our emotional state.

Flower Essences Guide and Presentation


Flower essences were discovered in the 1920’s by Dr. Edward Bach to address different emotional imbalances. They give us the ability to grasp the deeper meaning behind an emotional or challenging life experience and help us to move through it faster. There are specific essences for each emotion and they create balance in mind, body and spirit. Emotional imbalances can affect our health on all levels. As emotional blockages are cleared, health can be restored.

This is a helpful companion guide to the Identify Traumatic Experiences Workbooks, which you will get for free when you purchase the Flower Essence Guide and Presentation.

Flower Essence Guide

You will learn…


• What flower essences are and studies to show their efficacy in emotional healing

• How our emotions impact our health and how flower essences can help


• Dr. Edward Bach’s 38 original flower essences

• Questions to help you to identify which essence is appropriate for the emotional

   imbalance that you need help working on

• Categories of essences to help you through traumatic experiences


• Why transforming emotional experiences is so important


• Some of my personal insight

Flower Essence Presentation


You will learn…


• How to make a flower essence


• How Flower essences work through vibration and resonance


• What supplies are needed


• What flowers to choose and why


• You will learn how the flower’s characteristics and colors relate to the message that it teaches


• How to make single and synergistic dosage bottles


• How to take an essence, how much is needed and how long you should take it for


• Others ways to use flower essences

*You will get the below workbooks for free when you purchase the Flower Essence Guide and Presentation. The ACE questionnaire will always be a free download, as it is the questions from the study. Read the information below to learn more about them.

I have created workbooks that will help you to dig deep into your childhood and beyond. Identifying trauma is not so you bring it up and then live with the pain—it is to understand what is limiting you in this present moment. The magic happens when you move through the pain and know that you are worthy of complete happiness in this moment. You are not limited to the pain of your past. 


It is important to get support as you do this work. Pain that has been hiding below the surface will come up and will need to be addressed. I recommend joining an online community forum to connect with people who have gone through similar experiences. When we come together in community, we heal faster. 

Adverse Childhood 

           Experiences                       Questionnaire

        Free Download

​​You will learn…


• About the original ACE study

• The major questions used to determine if you have adverse childhood experiences


• Your calculated ACE score

You can find the original study and questionnaire here

     Identifying Traumatic                Experiences


This is an in depth workbook for you to answer questions and dig deep in to past trauma that relates to both your childhood and from adulthood as well


You will learn…


• What exactly PTSD is and who gets it


• What therapies are available for those contending with past trauma


• The connection between our emotions and our health

• How to identify behaviors of past trauma


• Why some people bounce back faster than others from traumatic experiences


• Some hope and inspiration into how to move forward

  Identifying Abandonment             Experiences


This is a workbook to help you identify how abandonment issues affect every aspect of your life, even if you think that you do not have abandonment issues

You will learn…


• The different ways we perceive abandonment


• What experiences can be viewed as abandonment


• How abandonment issues have an effect on all of our relationships—our friendships, intimate partnerships and with our coworkers


 • Behaviors associated with abandonment issues


• Why forgive ness is the answer to your peace

I recommend reading through the abandonment workbook, even if you have not experienced abandonment. Someone in your close circle most likely has. Also, you will learn how physical abandonment is not the only type that can affect people. It can also be valuable in our relationships to be aware of behavior that is related to abandonment issues. It is important to be aware of all traumatic experiences, so it can be easier to connect with others who have been through them. It will give you the ability to be able to come from a place of understanding and compassion, even though it may not be from a place of personal knowing.


When doing all three workbooks, start with the ACE questionnaire (free download), then the Identifying Trauma Workbook and then finish with the Identifying Abandonment Workbook. This order will give you a foundation of information that is helpful.