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Identifying Traumatic Experiences Guide

This is a guide explaining how our emotions and past trauma can affect our health.


Treatment protocols are taught that include 

acupressure and specific herbs and essential oils that can be used at home to heal from emotional experiences. 

Everyone should know simple techniques to take their health into their own hands for healing and it starts here.

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Rock Rose: Helianthemum nummulaium

Essential Oil Guide

This is a complete class that teaches how to become an essential oil therapist.

Add a service to your current work or learn for your own personal healing. 


Some of the many topics that will be explored in this course will include history, science, safety and blending basics. How to heal using a Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic system will be taught, along with a Materia Medica of 44 essential oils.


Students will also learn tips on how to start an essential oil business and the laws that need to be followed, plus everyone will make his or her own product to gain experience in blending and will take it home.

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You will learn...

•What exactly is an essential oil


•How to tell if a product is natural


•How essential oils are extracted


•What makes one oil more expensive than another oil


•How to choose a reputable supplier


• Safety


*All information taught in this class is for external/topical use only. It is dangerous to ingest essential oils.

•A Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic system to understand why some essential oils are appropriate to use for certain conditions and others are not

•Why an essential oil that is said to be “good for digestion” or other conditions needs more consideration


•Blending Basics and formulation


•Essential oil character categories


•42 essential oil summaries, with their chemical constituents and indications


•Carrier Oils to use for blending products



Essential Oil First-Aid Product Making Guide


Learn how to make your own first-aid products for in-home needs, as well as for your outdoor adventures.


You will learn…


• How to make synergistic blends, oils, sprays, washes and healing salves for basic emergency needs.

Flower Essences Guide and Tutorial

Flower essences were discovered in the 1920’s by Dr. Edward Bach to address different emotional imbalances. They give us the ability to grasp the deeper meaning behind an emotional or challenging life experience and help us to move through it faster. There are specific essences for each emotion and they create balance in mind, body and spirit. Emotional imbalances can affect our health on all levels. As emotional blockages are cleared, health can be restored.

Rock Rose: Helianthemum nummularium

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Flower Essence Guide

You will learn…


• What flower essences are and studies to show their efficacy in emotional healing

• How our emotions impact our health and how flower essences can help


• Dr. Edward Bach’s 38 original flower essences

• Questions to help you to identify which essence is appropriate for the emotional

   imbalance that you need help working on

• Categories of essences to help you through traumatic experiences


• Why transforming emotional experiences is so important 

Flower Essence Tutorial


You will learn…


• How to make a flower essence


• How Flower essences work through vibration and resonance


• What supplies are needed


• What flowers to choose and why


• You will learn how the flower’s characteristics and colors relate to the message that it teaches


• How to make single and synergistic dosage bottles


• How to take an essence, how much is needed and how long you should take it for


• Others ways to use flower essences