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Vision, Passion and Purpose

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Our beliefs and values drive our purpose. Life could be so much simpler if we would connect with our inner wisdom to learn what we truly believe in and want in life. We can get so caught up in confusion and frustration about our path in life, which only drives constant stress. It leads to feeling discouraged and exhausted from trying so hard and it all begins to have a devastating affect on our health. Instead, of the chaos, we could ask, “Who am I?” and “What aligns with my highest truth?”

To learn who we truly are and what aligns with our highest truth will allow us to only follow our values. When we go against our values it will create a conflict within and obstacles will arise, even when we are not consciously aware of the reasons why. This inner exploration allows life to become easier, as we learn to follow only what aligns deeply and truly within us. Our path in life becomes evident, as we go beyond our emotional pain and find purpose for living.

Our purpose in life is most often driven out of our deepest traumatic wounds. The pain that we endure ignites a passion within us. We become passionate about our healing journey and how we can share what we have learned with others. It is not our purpose in life if we are dreading the work or whatever else that it pertains to. We know immediately what our purpose is, because we align with it so truly and doors begin to open for us to do the work.

We then need to take action and walk through those doors.

Perseverance becomes something that the purpose drives and we will go that extra mile to see it through. Passion and purpose becomes the reason for living. Often times, though, us sensitive beings can still struggle, because past conditioned limiting beliefs around success are still held. Poor self-esteem, fear and shaming thoughts can keep us in the imagination of the creation, instead of following it through to completion. It becomes an emotional roller coaster that fills us with despair and feeling dispirited from not contributing to life.

This is where discipline in our thoughts and in the creation of the desired goal becomes critical. It is not enough to envision our dream into reality. We have to construct the foundation to support our creation, while being grounded in the process. It is work, but there is a sense of effortlessness, because we become so absorbed in the passion of it all and the desire to share it in service to others.

We know that we are living our purpose, as we lose time through the process and do not even care about the costs involved. When we are aligned with our purpose, we will conquer anything to make it a reality. Unhappiness and feeling unfulfilled result anytime we push forward doing what we are not truly aligned with. Obstacles appear only to ask us to check in with our values to ask us if we are on the right track.

Each of us can get through our most challenging times by writing a list of what we are doing that is against our true values. This is where the root of the problem is. When we work against what we believe in, we will do just that—have to work against it and we will struggle to the degree of the conflict within. It can feel as though we are climbing up a never-ending mountain with enormous obstacles in the way.

We humans are good at complicating life and sabotaging our own dreams. We set ourselves back with our limiting beliefs and become our own worst enemy. It is important to allow life to unfold as it may and not get attached to a desired outcome. It is then that all of a sudden it feels as though everything in the Universe lines up and we feel at peace with the unfolding of life as it is.

Everything could become effortless when we ask for guidance and follow our intuition. We find success in all areas of our lives when we follow the path of least resistance. This does not mean that there will not be work involved. We will just know deep within that the work we are doing is worth the effort. The work ends up feeling satisfying, because we are inspired and want to share it in service to others. The result becomes abundance, because we are doing what we are passionate about and wealth naturally flows.

Past trauma and conditioned beliefs can contribute to being stuck in unhealthy repetitive patterns for years, and for some, entire lifetimes. These patterns affect our health so profoundly. We can change these conditioned beliefs at any time and change our quality of life. We all deserve to be happy and prosperous in every area of our lives. We may have to dig up and confront some dark times from our past, so we can process, transmute and heal the pain to allow us to move forward. The end result is true happiness with purpose for the goodness of all and it is worth the effort.

So allow your purpose to be envisioned and the passion that arises within to light the way for you to take that purpose and share it with the world. Be the shining light that you are meant to be. We need all the light we can get.