© 2018 Tina DeMatteo


The Power Of Words

Our emotional state is extremely affected by words. The words of others and our own words, drive feelings that drive thoughts, which then drive an emotion. Repetition of positive or negative words can reinforce a message that will either move us forward on a productive path or carry us down a destructive one. Words matter.

Shaming comments are not okay, especially from those whom we are supposed to feel emotionally safe around. We hear the old adage that has children reciting over and over that says, “sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you.” Words do hurt and especially words that were used in a past emotionally traumatizing childhood or other setting. Words can trigger shame and shut a person down for many years or an entire lifetime.

It is not okay to knock a person down with words only to feel at a higher position than them. It is bullying and may not be so easily brushed off as some may think. It depends on past trauma that will determine how a person will react and release the hurt. It does not make a person weak, because he or she was hurt from words. There is more depth to hurtful comments that need to be considered.

We are also told not to care about what other people think. It is helpful to care about what other people think to a small extent, where we stand in our truth and know that others are standing witness to it all. It makes us want to be a better person. Conversely, it would be a wise choice to not care about petty judgments and comments that are not productive for our personal growth.

Words that we tell ourselves will become our reality, whether good or bad. Who we are surrounded with matters more than one can even imagine. Comments from others that trigger past trauma and emotional pain can do a lot of damage to our thought process. Shaming and non-productive comments have to be turned around immediately and replaced with a positive message or they can stick as truth. Consistency makes words stick, whether negative or positive. Words have to be chosen wisely and said consistently to make an impression on the mind.

Daily affirmations can drive a powerful message to either keep one on a positive track or create the change that someone needs to hear to return to a healthier emotional state. Thoughts can be transformed with the right words and messages, which will rectify imbalanced emotions and create balanced health within.