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Standing In Our Truth

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

We can transform our emotional pain by simply following the trueness of who we are. The most important question a person can ask him or herself, is, “Who am I? Answering this question can change a life from that moment going forward. To know who we are and to stand in that truth, will only lead to true happiness. It is when we go against our values that we become unhappy. To stand in our truth takes ego out of the equation to only shine the light of the pureness of that truth.

This holds true in every area of our lives. We are not happy when we go against our true feelings in relationships, our work or where we live and who we share our time. We are not wise to just ignore our feelings, because life is too short to not live authentically and with ease. It is also not wise to listen to or follow what others want for us, when it is not in alignment with our truth. This is our own personal life, so why would we give someone else reigns over the direction that could lead us to happiness?

We are here to evolve and grow through our life adversities. We are the only one that can change what we are not happy with in our lives. We all have the power to stand in our own individuality and take action toward our truest hopes and dreams. Everything that we need in life is available to us and does not require us to reach out for support or advice from others. That powerless mindset keeps us in the same cycle of not standing in our own truth and power.

Sometimes being in solitude is needed to gain strength and heal emotional wounds. There is strength in numbers, but there are also times that we have to discern between community and the power in taking the Hermit’s journey to search for guidance within. When we become still within ourselves without the distractions from outside influences, we can find the answers that align with our truest and highest self. It allows us to build emotional strength to become strong in our own resolve, so we are not reaching out for the energy of others to fill unhealed parts. We are wise when we honor our intuition and support what we know is best through our healing process.

To go against what we are feeling, what we want to do, or if we follow what others think we should do—it will only lead to non-fulfillment and unhappiness. We have to find the strength in contacting our own gut and trust our inner guide. Expanding our emotional awareness allows us to respond to life challenges with more light and wisdom. It also allows us to be stronger in our own resolve without losing ourselves in our relationship with others.

We have to become number one in our life. If we do not take care of ourselves, we cannot be there for others. We have to take steps to remove the outside influences that are literal obstacles on our path to where our ultimate happiness is waiting for us. The result is to live the life that we want—not the life others want for us.

The truth always wins.