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How Resentment Affects Our Health

Resentment is like swallowing poison and expecting the other person to die. ~ Nelson Mandela, Carrie Fisher and others

Resentment can take the form of bitterness or anger that seems to take a hold of a person. Resentment can be viewed through the same lens as hate, as it can create extreme disharmony within the body. We can get so caught up about past events that may have not worked out and resent a person or an experience, which will only affect our own health. Holding resentment is one of the least productive and non-healthy things we can do. Resentment is like holding a tight fist and the constrained energy can eventually turn into cancer, especially in the heart center.

Forgiveness is the answer here.

It is equally important to hold people accountable for their actions and any hurt feelings from the experience. To not hold others accountable is not only unhealthy for the person holding the resentment, but also for the other person, because they do not learn a lesson from the experience. Then forgive them, wish them well, release the energy and move forward.

It is important to not blame a person and say, “That person hurt me,” instead say, “I was hurt by that experience.” People are put in our lives as a catalyst for our own higher learning. We would be wise to be grateful that they were put on our path for the wisdom that we were able to gain from the experience. When we accept it as wisdom, we are able to grasp the meaning behind it and not repeat that experience again.

The wise person will ask…

Why did I go through the experience?

What did I learn from the experience?

Challenging experiences can be broken down into pieces to learn the lessons involved and then it is important to forgive and release the emotions, so they do not turn into energy blockages, which can eventually turn into cancer.

We would be wise to study the Willow tree, as its branches are flexible and represent free movement and change rather than resistance. We can become so stuck in our emotional state and stay in an unproductive pattern for longer than needed for growth. Instead, we would benefit more from acknowledging our emotions and processing them to move forward. Willow teaches us to listen to the subtle messages, connect with our intuition and flow with changes.