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How Emotions Impact Our Health

This is an intro to something more that will be shared, so stay tuned...

We can transform how we navigate through life when we understand our emotional triggers. Life becomes easier when we are in touch with our emotions and we learn how to move with and through them. Our emotions are not just an outward expression that comes out of nowhere. These emotional expressions are rooted instinctually within us. They come from unique parts of who we are, as well as from traumas and past conditioning. The intensity behind our emotions depends on past trauma, along with our current state of awareness, health and if we have a support system.

Emotions can also be the result of inner deficiencies or excesses that need to be balanced. The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnostic model connects all levels of our being to resolve imbalances for complete overall health. It is more often than not that negative emotional expressions stem from blood sugar imbalances, nutrient deficiencies and poor lifestyle choices. All factors have to be considered for balanced health.

Medications can also play a role in our emotional state. We are meant to be aware of our body and feel through our emotional experiences. It is not wise to mask our symptoms with medication. We would benefit more from learning how to transform emotional difficulties and replace them with an understanding of higher wisdom and acceptance. Symptoms are our body’s way of communicating to us and will show up as red flags so we know to address them. Disease names dissolve as we learn the underlying root causes of our symptoms and use tools to heal them on every level of our being.

It is important to own our own human power and potential and learn how to feel alive and live our best possible life without interventions that has us feeling confused and unhealthy. True health is about balance on all levels of our being and learning what is at the root of our emotions will open a clear window into the complete picture.