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Health Crisis

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

A large diagnosis of any kind is a complete imbalance of the entire body. These drastic life experiences appear to get our attention, which usually come after years of ignored symptoms. As hard as these experiences are, let them be a teacher to share what is already known on a deep level - that there needs to be a change somewhere in life. Surrender the experience to a higher power and ask for guidance.

Emotions get in the way of healing. Fear tangles and drives the crisis deeper. The pain certainly needs to be acknowledged and addressed, but with love and care. Connect only with those who will be positive support systems through the experience and can be a grounding force. Stay away from negativity and others who will drive fear. Know that love is the healer of all.

A complete inventory of life has to be taken to find areas of unhappiness and disconnection. Resentment needs to be cleared as it restricts balance and blocks the flow of love and connection. Evaluate the strength of relationships, work life and home life. Reflect on any hopes and dreams that may have been held back that could be reconsidered to finally take the leap. Ignore timelines and do what intuition calls for that will bring balance. This is where the magic can happen.

There have been many stories of those who accept the tragic news of a terminal diagnosis and find at his or her next appointment that it “miraculously” disappeared. There was no miracle. The body came into balance through acceptance. The person cleared up obstacles that were hindering the free flow of energy through the body.

This all may sound very esoteric for some, but what does one have to lose when apparently a tipping point has been reached. After reflection and consideration of the life circumstances stated above, it is usually clear what a person has needed to do and what needs to be done. Life will only improve for the better when pure happiness and love is embraced.