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Healing Through Surrender

Having a spiritual connection has helped many get through challenging times in their lives. It is often said, “I couldn’t have made it through without my faith.” Life becomes so much easier when we surrender to the flow of life. It helps to surrender even the smallest challenges and to listen and watch for guidance.

Surrendering to a higher power, Universal Power or God is not something that everyone believes in or follows, but trusting one’s own inner guidance, intuition or higher wisdom will allow access to true feelings to believe in. Time will show that this truth is the best advice that can ever be given and will never lead us down a meaningless path.

Everything happens in its right timing and way and to push for a different outcome becomes pointless. We have to trust that the Universe has our back and our best interests at heart. We have come here to learn life lessons and they will not go away until they are resolved for our highest learning.

We all go through suffering to grow into the best person we can be. We all have different lessons to learn, so we can open up and flourish into our truest self. Some lessons may seem larger than what others endure, but we cannot compare pain. We all have come to learn certain lessons and nobody gets a pass.

Our world opens up to endless possibilities when we ask for support and guidance from something higher than us. Less effort is needed, because we are not pushing against the flow. Consistent action is required though. We create progress and become more at ease to allow life to unfold when we are eager to take control of the process after we receive guidance. We cannot stand still through life. We are co-creators with the Universe.

*The word Universe can be changed to higher wisdom if needed to feel more comfortable. A higher wisdom within us is indeed a higher power. It is important to remind ourselves that we most definitely want ourselves to do well and that we have our own back. Trusting our gut feelings will allow life to flow easier. Surrendering to whatever power we choose—allows us to detach from our small Self and thinking and to believe in a higher wisdom and truth.

When we surrender for guidance…

Surrender, meaning that we connect to our higher power—not so everything magically happens, but for us to hear and receive guidance to allow the doors that are supposed to open, open, and then we can take action. It is not to live in the law of attraction that was popular in the past, it is to surrender and be co-creators with the Universe or our Higher Power/Higher Wisdom.

Karma from past lives and from our current life plays a part in the way things work out. We have certain life lessons to learn and those will always be factored into all life situations. There is no compromise with this. We came here to learn certain lessons and we will be presented the opportunities until the lesson is completely resolved. We have to understand that and surrender to the flow. This is why everything that we want to manifest does not always work out.

Also, we have to use the power of words to our advantage. We have to speak only words that we want to attract in life. If we speak of trouble, heartache, poverty, disease and pain—it will come into our life. Rather, we can speak with belief of abundance, prosperity, love and good health as if it is already manifest and watch it come.

We ask for guidance that does not have an attached outcome. Instead, we ask for obstacles to be cleared and for guidance in the direction of our highest truth and potential to open up for us. Guidance will come in the way that is in alignment with our highest truth, not the way that we are hoping for, so it is wise to start with detachment and be receptive to all the good that comes—with the reminder that good means that lessons have been learned for our evolution.

Support and Guidance

Refrain from asking for something to be given. Instead, we can ask for support and guidance for the actions that are needed to take the steps in the direction of our highest truth.

The Universe does not respond to manipulation—the Universe is smarter than us humans.

Never ask for something that refers to another person. Ask for support in the matter and what is best for everyone involved. Anything else is linking in with dark forces and will come back to us negatively.

Be specific when asking for help and guidance, as support can sometimes come out of detrimental consequences just to give what was so desperately asked for. Ask for guidance that will allow for life to unfold in a perfect way. Think of how someone will ask for money and then there is a sudden death that leaves them with a huge inheritance, but with a heavy heart as well. We must only ask for things to come in the right way and that way is the way that the Universe sees best for our highest learning.

Putting out a wish list doesn’t work—surrender the challenges, wait for signs and listen for guidance, then take action.

Action is needed—Remember that we are participants in life and that human actions are necessary to move forward with plans. Trust that the Universe already knows where we are going. Listen for the guidance and take action.

We are wise to surround ourselves only with those who will hold a positive vision of us and want us to be happy and successful. If there is any feeling that they do not—then they need to be released, because they are being unsupportive to our success.

Let go of greed and be open to gratitude instead.


Be open to knowing that the Universe already has a plan and it is pointless to push against closed doors with hope that they will open. The details of the outcome are not important at this time. A question to ask is if the person truly wants the door open, because when we are aligned with our true self, we are able to discern what we truly want.

The Universe never judges or criticizes us and accepts us for who we are. The Universe wants to see us reach our highest potential.

Surrender the challenge and listen and watch for guidance.

Only follow the power within. The only reason that we may think that a superstition works is because we become one with it. The superstition itself has no power. When we believe in something, we hold it in our thoughts until it actually manifests. That is where the power is. So, we are wise when we only think good thoughts about others and ourselves.

Look for signs and guidance in everything. It can come as a random thought, a song on the radio, a sharp vivid image of someone or something, words written that you see somewhere, something that someone says that goes right in line with what was needed to hear. Be open to whichever way the message presents itself. It is known in that moment that is the message that was needed. Be sure to say thank you, when you receive it.


Trust that you will be supported and know that everything will unfold in its right time and in the right way.

In Uncertain Times

I am open and receptive to change. I trust that the Universe is supporting me for my highest learning through this change.

Know that failure is only there to inform us to move in a different direction, but also to learn the lessons to evolve and become wiser.

We must believe that the world and Universal power is working in our favor, instead of being paranoid and believing that there are forces working against us. It makes life easier to be in the flow with productive thoughts. We can change our beliefs at anytime. We own our thoughts and nobody has power over us for what we choose to believe.

Trusting Our Inner Awareness

We can tap into our inner guide to know if it is fear of change or a closed door that is holding us back, then, trust what we hear.

Sometimes we can think that maybe we are supposed to plow forward to breakthrough our fear, but what if its not fear at all and it is the wrong path that we are working against. We have to check in with our inner guide to know and learn the truth.

Ask for support and guidance: Help me to discern what is my truth and help me to follow the path that is aligned with my highest truth.

We need to surround our self with people who only have our back 100%, who believe in us, who do not judge our hard times, who encourage us to do better in life, who unconditionally want to see us rise up. If there is any hesitation in our mind—we have to communicate it for clarity and move on from them if it is indeed what we are feeling.

Fear and Scarcity

Fear will always be a part of our lives at different times and for different reasons than someone else may experience fear. Some people use fear as a motivator to propel them forward, while others can become buried in the emotional experience. The key is to not let fear be in control. We always have the potential to take control of our emotions and allow it to be a motivator.

Giving in to fear gets us mired in the unproductive experience. We can get so caught up in our head as to what path to take that it keeps us in the same place with more problems and added confusion.

Trust that we will always be given what we need.

A Pessimistic View

To live with pessimism is to believe that there is no hope for something better to come.

Who we spend time with is who we become. Choose to be around optimism. People will have an influence on us no matter how we say that we won’t let them, so we must choose the people in our life wisely.

Spend time with those who will encourage you to be your better self. “People who have let go of their dreams are sometimes eager to help you bury your own.” ~Anonymous

To be aligned with and…

…have a connection with something higher than us will give a feeling of unconditional confidence in oneself. When we express ourselves from a place of pure love and passion and not ego—the confidence will flow right through us without hesitation because it is true and not a fake act.

We are supported in every way when we are following our truth. We have to trust that our best interests are always at heart. We will be truly confident in what we are doing if it is coming from a place of authenticity. We need nothing outside of us to give us the power and confidence that we already have within when following our truth.

We are confident in who we are when we are on a path we are meant to be on. We just know it and it shows in how we express ourselves.

So, when we surrender, we can heal and become aligned with who we truly are.