© 2018 Tina DeMatteo



Gratitude is one of the most important components in true healing. It creates balance and heals. Living in gratitude clears pain and restriction. Even our most painful experiences deserve gratitude, as they occur for our ultimate growth. Painful experiences are often the stimulus to move us into a better state of happiness through our personal evolution.

It is wise to be grateful for and to send blessings to those who may have not been kind to us. Ungratefulness will build resentment and restrict the free flow of balance and create negative health concerns. This state of mind robs a person of the awareness of the true lessons involved.

We learn that the things that are not working out the way we want are actually happening in our favor. It wastes a lot of time to work against the natural flow of life. Living in the flow is easier and requires less effort, which will be a reason itself to be grateful.

It is so important to be grateful for the little things in life. It is helpful to start and end the day with a few things to be grateful for to set our thoughts on a positive message. Gratitude is acting from a true place of love and we get back what we are grateful for. It is wise to consider the hardships of the less fortunate than us and to be grateful for what we have that they do not.